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Khatoco Tourism has been built on the basis of the sustainable development chain of hotels, entertainment services and tourist sites group that has been developing strongly in the recent years. Long Phu sea and islands, Yang Bay forests and mountains, Liberty Central Nha Trang four stars hotel have created the qualified, professional and closed tourism services.

In 2016, Khanh Hoa Tourism sector was positive, attracting over 4.3 million visitors, up10.3% as compared to 2015. This high growth rate has led to the appearance of more and more hotels, resorts, tourist places in the city to make the highly competitive environment. In such situation, Khatoco tourism was forced to define customers and continued improving the services quality.

For business results in 2016, entertainment services of Yang Bay and Long Phu group gained the revenue of more than 150 billion dong, up 19% and 397 thousand visitors, up 31%. Liberty Central Nha Trang hotel achieved the revenue of nearly 100 billion dong, more than 139 thousand visitors, 85% of room occupancy. Khatoco Tourism brand has continued to stand firmly in the market and has developed sustainably.

In 2017, implementing Khatoco tourism’s strategy of island sea - forest mountains sustainable ecotourism development, Long Phu Tourist will concentrate to build and quickly put into operation the new services in the first quarter of 2017 such as: butterfly garden, exhibition of biological diversified specimen collection from Khanh Hoa’s forests, birds circus on Hoa Lan island, monkeys motor racing, floats park, walking under the sea with oxygen mask to explore the ocean, contemplating the miniatures of Khanh Hoa’s famous landscapes on Monkey island.
The outbound tours with direct flights from Cam Ranh airport to the countries as United States, Singapore, Hong Kong are very convenient for tourists and let them save their time and costs. That is really the highlight of Long Phu travel.


Yang Bay Tourist Park has many services well accepted by tourists such as fully equipped accommodation together with exchange of local culture and unique food, sunflower garden, birds garden of 2000m2. Hot spring and mud bath will be continued to put into operation, being the ranked and unique healthcare service as the visitors will wallow in spectacular mountainous scenery and fresh atmosphere. Discovering and experiencing the mountains and forests at night time will be an attractive and interesting tour package.

Liberty Central Nha Trang hotel opened on August 08, 2015 with 227 luxurious four stars standard rooms. It is the perfect combination between local charming features and international standards services. The hotel will continue to improve its products and services to a higher level such as Above Skype Bar on the top floor of the hotel with high class equipment to meet the standards of a modern, luxury bar,  upgrading the rooms to meet luxurious  VIP standard for satisfying the current trend of customers.

Additionally, Khatoco Tourism has been investing in Bao Dai resort with 35 beach villas, 114 five stars international standard rooms. As schedule, it will be opened in the first quarter of 2018, managed by Alila Hotels and Resorts (AHR) and will be a link of Two Road Hospitality and Style Ibis 3 stars hotel  with 314 standard rooms managed by Accor (France), expected to go into operation in July, 2017.

According to oriented development for entertainment services and hotels group, Khatoco will associate with the strategic investors. Building the infrastructure will be given top priority to get dealt with by Yang Bay and Long Phu for 3 main purposes: Upgrading the services quality at the tourist areas, promoting health care tourism and accommodation at the tourist sites, improving waterway and road transport within the tourist sites to increase the services level in conformity with Khatoco Tourism’s five stars standard hotels.


  • 118 Hùng Vương - Nha Trang - Khánh Hòa - Việt Nam
  • (84.258) 3525572 - (84.258) 3522418
  • info@khatoco.com