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2016 was the year that Vietnam had to face a lot of challenges - unstable, unpredictable international economy; drought, floods occurring continuously; domestic purchasing power and prices tended to decline. In this situation, Khatoco livestock - tanning industry (herein after abbreviated as Khatoco livestock industry) could not avoid difficulties and challenges.

Moreover global market of ostriches, crocodiles leather fluctuated strongly and the market demand reduced towards the bottom.  However, Khatoco livestock industry still gained the revenue of 411.4 billion dong, approximately 100% as compared with 2015; produced and supplied to the market more than 30,280 tons of animal feed; 730 tons of meat, more than 21,400 sheets of ostrich - crocodile leather and 7,800 breeding ostrich chicks for the farmers.


The breeding ostrich chicks and ostrich meat have been accepted by the market with the growth of 138% for breeding chicks and 22% for ostrich meat as compared to the previous year.

With the closed process f om feed to breeding, meat processing, ostrich and crocodile leather tanning; each production step managed and controlled scientifically according to international organization for standardization ISO 22000:2005, Khatoco’s ostrich - crocodile meat has been assessed as “CLEAN FOOD" and not only ensures food safety and health for consumers but also is easy for cooking delicious dishes for all families.


This was proven by the prestigious awards such as Vietnamese High Quality Goods, Vietnamese Golden Star... At now, Khatoco is leading company in supplying ostrich chicks to the farmers in Viet Nam with the market share of over 80%. Khatoco's ostrich and crocodile leather products have affirmed their position in the domestic market and some foreign markets such as China, Korea, and Japan...

With the existing chain of production facilities and team of management, technicians and specialists who have been trained intensively about exotic leather tanning technology, Khanh Viet Corporation wishes to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners having capability and experiences in this field for investing together to develop ostrich, crocodile leather products becoming one of the leading brands in Southeast Asia.


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